We finished!

That’s right, 13.1 miles x 2 people = Marathon for Pat completed and covered in prayer.   Thank you to all those who supported us and prayed throughout our training. Friday we visited some very loving, giving friends who took care of us on our trip to Greensboro. It was precious time to sit on […]

Chipping Away

Last night’s workout: Treadmill at the gym 9-9:30 (they close early on Tuesdays!) 9:30-10:15 run around campus Confirmation: 91% of the time, I’d rather run outside than on a turning belt. I must have been missing some Halloween parties because there were zombies and footie-PJ’s and bunny-people walking the streets. Maybe I will be Pocahontas this […]

Less than a week to go!

Less than 1 week until the race! Can you believe it?! The past week (past while) has been exciting, but surprisingly hard physically as we look toward the race this Saturday. Stephen and I can hardly wait to see friends in North Carolina and finish that 13.1 miles each. Honestly, it’s still a bit scary, […]

Fried eggs

Fried eggs. That was my brain last weekend. If you know about proteins, you understand that when the heat of the stove denatures them, there’s not re-naturing. For my brain, that was not a good sign. I had gotten information on my patient, written history, meds care plan, gone to clinical, and was in the […]

A few weeks in

Training: Early morning gym! Get the day started right. Since I get bored of more than an hour on a bike or treadmill or elliptical, I go on a pre-run run around campus. Once I’m past that first wall of wanting to stop or really feeling much of anything, I go inside to the gym […]

The Move

I am moved in and ready to start junior year of nursing! Marathon for Pat is getting closer- only 10 weeks away! The move-in week back to school did not leave much time to work out. After a few days off, I got back to it… Aug 15:  4 mile run to and through the […]

Street lights and lessons learned

Something about street lights at night are a catalyst to connecting thoughts. You know the rows of streetlights on the highway at night that line the median? They almost look like two strings of pearls in the distance, or a pathway to dance along. They stretch so far you can’t see the end, but you […]