Chipping Away

Last night’s workout:

Treadmill at the gym 9-9:30 (they close early on Tuesdays!)

9:30-10:15 run around campus

Confirmation: 91% of the time, I’d rather run outside than on a turning belt.

I must have been missing some Halloween parties because there were zombies and footie-PJ’s and bunny-people walking the streets. Maybe I will be Pocahontas this year.


2 days, 21 hours, 17 minutes from NOW, we’ll start the half-marathon on one of those little stars.

It’s as though each time we run to train for this race is chipping away some of the struggle of race day. Imagine if you went out there and ran 13.1 miles with no training. It would hurt.  Muscle spasms, can’t breath. Cramps of an 8 on scale of 0 to 10 on both sides. The hills would be murder. But slowly (hopefully not too slowly!), we have been training our bodies to be ready. Each hour of preparation chips off a point of pain for the cramp; each time we stay up a little later after a full day to run lets us breath a little easier when the 13.1 comes. It’s been a Chipping Away year. These big hurdles ahead (longest race of my life, passing boards in about a year) are the hardest, best things. We are praying for Patrick’s recovery, his big hurdles, with full confidence that we’ll all finish strong.

And here is the map of the greensboro marathon! Pray hard!


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