Less than a week to go!

Less than 1 week until the race! Can you believe it?!

The past week (past while) has been exciting, but surprisingly hard physically as we look toward the race this Saturday. Stephen and I can hardly wait to see friends in North Carolina and finish that 13.1 miles each. Honestly, it’s still a bit scary, but we will push through and finish with no doubt that we gave our best. Praise the Lord my knees and ankles have help up happily.

And boy, does running give God room to teach you things. Come face to face with your weakness, laziness, deepest thoughts, and fatigue. It has been a beautiful place of prayer with many reminders of how great and how full of grace our loving God is. Continue to join us in prayer for Patrick!

I’ve had to pull out the quarter zips and long sleeves recently. Fall came too fast. So what do you do? Embrace it…


Go to the Tea Room with people you love…


Get excited about sugar CUBES…


See the Vespers sing their hearts out!


Study in your PJ’s…

Photo on 10-18-13 at 9.40 PM #3

Warm or cold outside, the Lord is still righteous, loving, and in control. I am joyfully His!


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