I’m going to be a nurse, and other confirmations

First, some thoughts during training:

Who ever uses an entire coupon book?

One reason men like grills is because you leave it outside in the elements, making it more rugged?

Why does my celery last in the fridge for over a month, showing no signs of age (America needs more fresh food)?

What did Adam originally name all the animals, since we have them translated today?


Today’s run: 45 minutes (unknown milage) up and around the annex. 60 lunges, 40 squats, 30 pushups, 80 calf raises, 15 bicep and tricep curls. It was HOT!


With school started, being back to work, clinicals and check offs, I have found a few things to be true.

1. When life gets hard, you can either complain, or lean on God and do it well.

There is a separate confidence knowing that the God that you serve created the world and died to save the world. He can move mountains, yet he cares that you stubbed your toe. I’ve seen in just a few weeks of my junior year of nursing, that I will have to choose to believe every day in what I have come to know- that God has called me to nursing, he is in control, I can do it, and he will get me through a smarter, stronger, and more Christ-like woman ready to serve my patients and coworkers. I am going to be a nurse. Get excited in this life, people. God is able!

2. Mr. Harvey, med surg professor, says we should take it a day to a week at a time. He says, “Small bites out of the elephant.” I prefer to think of it as small bites out of a cookie the size of Demoss. Eating that much is way overwhelming, but hey, cookies are good! A day at a time, a patho at a time, a test at a time. Just keep working and we will finish.

3. It’s best to do the things at hand to the best of your ability. I could not sleep for days thinking of how I could possibly work an 8-hour clinical, drive three hours, run 26.2 miles in the morning, then complete a patho! Prayerfully, I realized that these few things require a focused and committed heart at this time in my life: Jesus, nursing, running, work, and close relationships. Stephen (love of my life) has decided to partner with you and me to support Pat by running as well. We will either both run a half marathon, or we will complete a marathon relay with a total of 4 people. This will allow us to finish with the same heart, same support, and more prayers for Pat, while whole-heartedly attending to all other challenges and responsibilities at hand.


Praise the Lord! Psalm 73.


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